Sayonara, 2016

This year was full of blessings and yet sprinkled in throughout were events I would have liked to live without; but isn’t that life?
Between losing loved ones and watching close friends deal with losses, learning of scary diagnoses and prognoses of those most dear yet not being able to do anything about it, close friends moving away, not getting the job after nailing interview after interview, a spouse sick more days than well…This all coming after last year was a kick in the pants too, making us all wonder: won’t it ever stop??
But then there’s the blessings.
Can we please remember the good? The positive? The “God-things”?
For me, this year, it includes but certainly is not limited to trips (Chicago, Guatemala, Alabama), prizes from giveaways, the things that seem like LUCK to the outsider that you know only happened because you have God on your side. The classes and trainings that have given you courage and excitement about the future. The little things that happen in your marriage that make you and your spouse look at each other in awe.
There were a number of things in 2016 that I could have lived without but there were also things that enriched my life and wouldn’t have happened without some of the “bad”.

Yes, I’m ready for a new year as you are but I urge you: be careful with your expectations. Take one day at a time, find the good in each day. Remember the good, the blessings and give those things your focus and energy. Don’t feed those other things that bring you down or don’t serve you. Even with all the bad, remember to give credit to the grace that brought you through it. 
Happy New Year, make it a good one.


About laurenfaye

I am a dietitian in the New Orleans area currently working at 2 clinics counseling women, infants and children. I received my Human Nutrition Bachelors Degree with a minor in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and completed my dietetic internship practice through Tulane University. I love food: the way it tastes, the way it looks, and the science behind it. I originally started this blog to give myself practice on writing about food. However, since becoming a dietitian full time I have decided to expand it a little further to cover other things I am passionate about as well. I am a retired Irish Dance Instructor since co-founding the Triallta Irish Dance Company. I am also versed in ballet, tap, belly dance, swing dance and acrobatics. I love fitness, learning and love meeting new people.
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